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Folding tables

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Folding tables

Folding tables in Restaurants

Space is valuable. This statement is particularly true in the food industry. Where each seating place counts, as it can be offered to a paying guest, storage spaces for business facilities and furniture is particularly rare. Hardly any sectors are to reliant on the practical handling of furniture as the hotel and food industry. Large terraces which are visited by several hundred people on sunny days, for weddings, which require the whole hall space as well as the fine restaurant or meeting room, which must meet the requirements of guests in form and seating again and again.

Folding tables and stacking chairs are the ideal furnishing for these areas and countless businesses already rely on our excellent quality and the outstanding customer service that we offer. Our folding tables are of course offered in countless styles, sizes, models, décors and versions. What they all have in common however is the high added value of the folding table and the robust manufacturing for practical storage.

If you order only 4 folding tables from us, you can even have your food industry furniture customised by us. This service is almost unique in the sector and shows that we work professionally and competently. Altogether, there are more than 100 different folding table décors to choose from. You can also have your tabletop customised according to the interior design or the occasion.

The foldable food industry tables can be used for all conceivable occasions and events. Particularly for use in hotels, restaurants, bistros, cafés and snack bars, the table has already proven itself to be the best. But our high-quality finished folding tables can also be used as folding tables for canteens, offices, training spaces, teaching rooms, in communal kitchens or as a practical side table.

Food industry furniture for all conditions and uses
Our selection of quality folding tables is just as flexible as the food industry has to be with the weather, season, guests and events. All tabletops in the X-Treme series are highly durable and scratch-resistant, for example. They are coated with melamine resin and suited to use indoors. The tabletops also have ABS borders for impact protection and are extremely tough. Here, the guests are happy to take their seats and when they are not being used, the folding tables can be easily and practically folded together and stacked. The standard tabletop thickness is 22mm and this can be increased to up to 38mm at extra cost.

Aside from the practical and robust folding tables for the food industry, we also offer countless accessories such as buffers for easy stacking, plastic floor sliders for stability and a trolley to transport several folding tables at the same time.

Food industry furniture individually finished – custom tabletops
As specialist traders for customised folding tables, we don’t just offer you high quality and perfect manufacturing, but also your own special dimensions. Here, we can produce your individual and customised folding tables from an order quantity of just 4 folding tables. On our 6000qm company location, we have countless possibilities, aside from the storage warehouse, to accommodate our workshop and customise the folding tables for our selected customers with various materials in various shapes.

The version and the décor is adopted to suit customer wishes and we can ensure that each customer will receive the folding table that is suited to them. Due to the fact that we are wholesalers, we are capable of passing on the best conditions to our customers and this is why our prices for customised folding tables are far lower than our competitors'.

Each folding table’s design can be adjusted to suit existing interior design and room décor. Even the most difficult room situations can be solved with our custom folding tables. The doubled-up borders of our custom tables have more convincing advantages aside from their high flexibility:

-Thanks to the strengthening of the tabletop edges from underneath, you double the material strength. This is glued and above all means a cost reduction, as less material is required.
-This production technique means that the tabletop weight is essentially lighter and therefore easier to stack or fold together.
-There is a large selection of frames to choose from, because the tabletop is light.
-We can offer tabletops up to 10cm thick.

Products in detail, banquet tables and food industry furniture
“Molton” banquet table for all events and occasions
The ideal banquet tables are the “Molton” series banquet tables which we offer in round or square shapes. Thanks to the washable and supporting textured plastic surface coating, Molton table linings do not need to be used. The solid composite tabletop is not just easy to clean, but also robust and practical for storage at the same time. Simply fold together and lay them on top of each other, or stand them beside each other to store. The “Molton” banquet tables are available in round or square and in countless dimensions. All folding tables of this product line are built modularly, which means they can be adjusted with combinable seating arrangements for the occasion in question. The banquet table folding frame is easy to set up and the folding table can be stored safely and carefully. The plastic buffers ensure stability on any surface and the ABS border protection prevents those little accidents.

Wooden look for the modern folding table
The “Woody” range of food industry tables is also suitable for use as a banquet table and food industry folding table. Aside from a protective aluminium border, it also offers a high-quality combination of wood and metal and is very resistant. The solid banquet table frame can be set up very easily and just as easily disassembled again. Easy to care for multiplex tabletop with a multilayer composite surface in wooden look, which is also water-repellent and fitted with a continuous made to fit aluminium border. The varnished folding tabletop is additionally strengthened by two underlying solid wood traverses. We stock the “Woody” model in square and round and in various sizes.

Buffet or standing tables from the Mammut series
The Mammut folding table is round and available in two different sizes. The folding table with its white plastic surface is very versatile and can be stored in a space-efficient manner. Folding the two black metal frames together is really easy. The “Mammut” series food industry table is particularly robust, easy to clean and an ideal furnishing for terraces or beer gardens. The tabletop has a thickness of 50mm and can soon become respectable food industry furniture with an appropriate lining and a tablecloth.

X-Treme banquet tables
The three folding table models from the “X-Treme” series, with “X-Treme Profi” and “X-Treme Plus”, score points on their customised production, above all. The folding tables are real all-rounders as the ideal food industry furniture, as they are available in more than 100 different décors. All tables are perfect banquet tables or conference tables and are height-adjustable from 74 to 76cm. For tabletop thickness you can also choose from: 22, 25, 28 or 28mm. The T base frame is made from stable steel with a pipe diameter of 30mm.

The levered snap lock is easy to operate and makes setting up and disassembling very quick. The soft buffers make for simple and wear-free stacking of the folding tables. And once the banquet table is set up, the robust plastic floor sliders prevent any sliding. Of course, as with all of our food industry furniture, the table surface meets the requirements of DIN EN 14322 and is hygienically acceptable for use with foodstuffs.

Banquet tables are versatile
The folding tables in our food industry furniture product line aren't just found in events, occasions or events. They can also be used as standing or side tables at events of all kinds. Examples of this could be:

-The wedding party is just arriving and the couple has prepared a champagne reception for their guests on the standing tables.
-At a company event, the boss has his employees served nibbles on standing tables.
-During the break at a large event, various standing tables and stacking chairs were set up to give the visitors a short rest and the opportunity to drink a coffee.
-For the anniversary of a long-serving employee, the department head bought his team a great cake and sparkling wine and toasts with all employees at the anniversary event.
-The funeral service in the church was very graceful and honourable. Afterwards, people met for a small snack and laid the book of condolences on the standing table next to a photo of the deceased.
-At an “open day” event, visitors and customers could pick up the current catalogue and company brochures from the standing table.
-The trade fair is a complete success. Even thanks to the standing table where colour samples and example products could be laid out and interested parties could start up a direct conversation.

A foldable banquet table allows for many forms of application and occasion. As a folding table, it can be quickly and easily set up and can support food industry work efficiently. As a standing table, many opportunities exist for it to be quickly and easily put to new uses for many occasions.

What makes our food industry furniture special?
We are a committed wholesaler and producer of high-quality furniture for the food industry and business. Our focus is on stacking chairs and folding tables as well as on banquet and standing tables. With our extensive experience and our consistently positive customer feedback, we could elevate ourselves from the market in the past and are very proud of that. Meanwhile, on a 6000qm space, our company has grown and we dispatch our folding tables across Europe.

The best materials, high quality production and practical details allow for the quick and, above all, safe stacking of tables and chairs. Thanks to the practical robust metal folding mechanism, this can be achieved really easily by hand and bruises are prevented. A well thought out system of soft buffer areas protect the furniture during stacking and ensures that they are not damaged by heavy loads and a high number in the stack.

But we are especially proud of the custom-made tables. As one of the market leaders, we regularly convince our large customer base with thorough and precise work, very short delivery times, a wide portfolio of tabletop décors and professional support with any kind of question or problem.

Quality in spite of discount prices
Due to our purchasing large quantities and our extensive experience in the branch, today we are able to offer you very reasonable prices without you having to save on quality. For example, the custom tables are produced very quickly according to your needs and desires and can refer to a vast number of design possibilities which always we have in stock in our new storage room. Our purchase price for standing tables, food industry tables and stacking chairs developed due to our long-term relationship with our manufacturers and today we count many of them among our friends. We always trade fairly and transparently and with mutual respect.

Custom banquet and standing tables
Choose between a one-column table frame or a bistro table frame. We even have stainless steel or cast iron double-column table frames in the storeroom. For the décor you can choose between a wooden look, an aluminium look, laminate, a granite look and many more. We are practically unlimited in terms of flexibility in size and model and have the right table solution for every spatial problem. The perfect interplay of quality, workmanship and design give our tables that certain extra something. You can also take us at our word: Our customer service is gigantic! All our employees are trained in dealing with customers and in advising customers on our products. We work as a team and share a mutual respect. With us, the customer is king and we are very proud of that.

Custom advice from a specialist trader
As food industry furniture, we can no longer do without folding tables. Long ago, hoteliers and users knew to value the fact that these tables can be used flexibly as buffet tables, side tables and even seminar tables, and also save an extreme amount of space and can be stored securely. They are also suitable as standing tables and can be laid and decorated individually. A quality product is guaranteed to have a low tare weight, a long lifetime and robust craftsmanship.

Do you have quite a special enquiry and need advice on the configuration of your customised table? Are you looking for reasonably-priced and practical folding tables? Get in touch with us at any time via email using our contact form, or call us during regular office hours. Our employees are very happy to help you and can answer your questions competently and thoroughly. Describe your particular room problem to us and we can work out a suitable and individual furnishing concept for you.

Do you need a sample table or chair? Do you need special standing tables quite quickly? Just get in touch with us and we’ll look after your issues directly.

One more special tip for you:
And from 100 chairs you even receive a chair trolley free of charge with your delivery.

We also produce customised folding tables

From a minimum order quantity of 4 tables, you can order customised folding tables from us. (Shape and décor will be carried out according to your wishes.) With the tabletops coated in melamine resin, design-wise, the tables suit all existing furniture and room situations. There are more than 100 different quality décors to choose from. Even robust table edges with solid beech borders are possible. And the possibilities for using the table are almost unlimited, thanks to the option to double-up the borders on the edges. We make it possible for you to produce durable folding tables for long-term use in all conceivable purposes: e.g. as office tables, meeting room tables, training tables, seminar tables, conference tables. Of course, classic white folding tables can be used as kitchen tables, canteen tables or simply side tables.

Custom-made folding tables on request.

Further information about our folding tables Our folding tables are very versatile for business and private use. Even in their basic version, they present an optimal table solution. Thanks to their solid construction of load-bearing frames and tabletops, the easy to care for tables are suited to the food industry. The areas of use include hotels, restaurants, hall functions, kitchens, canteens, the events and hire service. The “customised folding tables” in particular satisfy the highest individual demands. From a minimum order quantity of 4 tables, we can make it possible to produce folding tables according to your needs. Through a choice of more than 100 possible décors, the tables can be suited to every conceivable purpose: e.g. As an office table, meeting table, school table, seminar table, conference table. Of course, classic white folding tables can be used as kitchen tables, canteen tables or simply side tables. Solid square folding tables can be used in all conceivable areas. The easy to care for tables are excellently suited for the food and hotel industry as well as schools and offices. Beyond the use as a food industry table or office table, they are often used in kitchens and canteens as canteen tables.

Round folding tables are the classics for occasions and celebrations of all kinds and bring some variety into otherwise rigid table plans. These folding table models are fitted with T frames, in other words: Table underframes with T bases. The high-quality T frames offer a solid stand and a high bearing capacity. These folding table models are fitted with H frames, in other words: Table underframes with H bases. The high-quality H frames offer a solid stand and a high bearing capacity. These folding tables are excellently suited as food industry tables. The “Molton” restaurant table in round and square has a solid tabletop from multilayer wood with a PVC cover. This means it is washable and the use of a Molton tablecloth can be avoided. The “Woody” banquet table model in round and square has had its tabletop varnished to protect it from moisture. The “Mammut” food industry table has an easy to care for plastic tabletop and makes a great terrace table, for example.

The 3 “X-Treme” folding tables are fitted with highly durable tabletops with a melamine resin coating. This makes them scratch-resistant. The basic model and the model with a doubled-up edge also has ABS borders for impact protection. Even solid beechwood borders are possible. Folding tables with plastic tabletops (white, round) are very easy to set up and disassemble. They are just as easy and space-saving to transport, keep and store. The particularly easy to care for tables are excellent garden tables, party tables or terrace tables. Thanks to the successful combination of wood and metal, the folding tables are robust and durable and their striking design makes them very versatile. The “Molton” table model in round and square has been fitted with a tabletop made of multilayer glued wood composite. These form a solid and highly durable unit with the metal table frames. With the round and long “Woody” model tables, the wooden tabletop surface has been varnished. This seal offers protection from moisture and highlights and refines the wooden structure. The wood lends the furniture a natural character. The protective aluminium border strengthens the multifunctional appearance of the beautiful multi-purpose tables.

The quality tabletops of the “X-Treme” folding tables coated in melamine resin are scratch-resistant. These are fitted with ABS borders to protect from impact. There are more than 100 different variants to choose from. Of course, the current wood types such as e.g. beech, oak and spruce are among them, as well as the light woods birch and acorn. Even the fine wood types such as e.g. cherry, calvados and pear are possible. If you want more exclusivity, there are the more exotic wood types and fine woods such as olive, wenge, zebrano and the widely popular walnut. As well as doubling-up edges to strengthen the tabletop edges, there is even the possibility for a solid beech wood bordering.