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Stacking chairs

More and more often during every day life, people want to, or have to, take part in an event lasting hours. Now it’s a question of whether a chair can make an impression with real quality. Whether you have to concentrate for hours during a seminar to gain new knowledge connected to your profession or whether you are following a performance which is supposed to entertain you, seating comfort is always important. If the guest of a nice celebration wants to enjoy a nice evening or if an art fan wants to see his favourite play undisturbed, many hours can go by easily with a comfortable seat – by using high-quality stacking chairs, every event is a success. But even setting up and disassembling and storing unnecessary stacking chairs is so easy that furnishing a room or a hall with chairs can be carried out very quickly.

Stacking chairs in the food industry

What could be nicer than another family celebration coming up. Now it can be at its easiest for the host, if he puts himself in the trusted hands of the food industry. Here, the party company can be made up of many guests, because from the laid tables to the drinks, everything is already planned and carried out exactly. So that the guests can also spend a comfortable day, the host is always aware of comfortable seating, and here, stacking chairs can of course be used. If the host has a comfortable adjoining room, a covered table for the guests can be created using tables and stacking chairs with very little effort. Of course, it can often happen that when the company arrives, more guests suddenly appear. If you have stacking chairs, this is only seen as a small problem, as some stacking chairs for the additional guests can quickly be prepared. If the number of tables and chairs in the actual guest room is usually always the same, the order of the tables can be changed again and again in the adjoining rooms and in this ways, the number of chairs can be higher or lower, corresponding to the number of guests. This makes setting up for feasts and celebrations very flexible and the customers can look for the exact space that suits their situation, which offers the exact amount of space for their demands and wishes so that all guests have a lot of space. And if the room isn’t being used on one day, the stacking chairs can be safely stacked in a corner with several chairs on top of each other to save space. This ensures that the room can be cleaned thoroughly without any difficulties and that it is usable for the next party. In the food industry, good quality stacking chairs are in demand, but should only be reasonably-priced chairs in terms of purchasing. If a business is looking for canteen or school chairs, or comfortable banquet chairs, the guest should be able to sit on this chair model so comfortably that even a long family party doesn’t have to end in back pain. Thanks to the number of great colours and designs, modern stacking chairs can be suited to the furnishings of many different food industry businesses. From your favourite Italian restaurant on the corner to the cosy family-run pub, wherever family parties take place, with the right seating, it can be a quick success that in a party room, from the small gathering of 6 people to a big round birthday for 80 guests, each visitor and guest can find a comfortable chair such as the banquet chairs. Here, the customer can look forward to reasonably-priced chairs with the best quality, so that the guests will come back again and again, because every party is a lot of fun with comfortable seating.

The right seating for halls

The bigger the room to be seated, the more practical best quality stacking chairs are. Even when used constantly, they can prove again and again that they can withstand a lot of weight and long sitting thanks to their robustness. In this way, the long life of the chairs can convince you, which is always important for organisers of great events, as there are always other people sitting on these chairs and no one wants to end the evening just because the chair he was sitting on fell apart. Instead, sitting should become a comfortable pleasure that doesn't need to end in back pain after many hours. In this way, the visitor to the hall can concentrate on enjoying the performance of a theatre group, but also the musical interlude of the famous popstar, completely undisturbed. If the hall is to become a dance hall, however, the comfortable chairs can stand to the side and a big dance floor can emerge for the event guests to enjoy. For all halls where visitor numbers can vary across a number of enjoyable events, stacking chairs are a good choice because then you have a maximum number of stacking chairs available that fit in the hall, and you can always successfully create varying chair combinations to make sure that every desired event can take place in the hall. In addition, there is also the safety aspect of many stacking chairs. These can be fixed together in a row thanks to the linking system and then it’s no longer possible for them to slide back and forth. This keeps a sufficient gap between the rows of chairs and the visitors can reach their seats safely and comfortably. Because if stacking chairs are set up in a hall, you must ensure that there is a safety gap between the rows. Especially in a hall where new events are always taking place, the quality of the stacking chairs must be right and here, the air conditioning system can bring the desired comfort, even for reasonably-priced chairs. Even if the chairs are used everyday, the next visitor will notice that with the air conditioning system, the cushion can feel just like new. And able to withstand 150kg of weight and with a large seating surface, a generous seated area is possible for every guest. Only this way is it possible that visitors can really perceive an event as enjoyable and it doesn't come to a disturbance because the seating area is too small and uncomfortable.

Advantages of stacking chairs

In the food industry or at events, anywhere where the visitor should sit well and comfortably, there, stacking chairs are a seating opportunity with many advantages. If the stackable chairs are used in a hall, they can be connected into a fixed row with the linking system so that the chairs cannot shift constantly. This ensures that the required safety distance between the rows can be adhered to without difficulty. Stacking chairs can also be bought to use as canteen chairs, conference chairs, simple stacking chair or as comfortable banquet chairs. From canteen to expensive restaurant, stackable chairs might be the best choice for when you have to set up for a nice celebration. Now, a neighbouring room can become a great room for festivities with banquet chairs, laid tables and other decorations. Here, the customer can express their wishes about how the tables should be arranged and how many chairs should be placed at each table. Depending on their use, the restaurant owner can get excited about a stacking chair with comfortable cushioning that can even be cleaned of all kinds of stains if accidents occur. But the modern stacking chair is also available as a chic model in high-quality leather, so that it can be used as a fitting conference chair for the boardroom. The robust style of the stacking chair is also a factor. On a seating surface of 40 x 40cm, it is possible for people weighing from 150kg to 200kg to sit completely without risk. The modern stacking chair can be purchased in the most varied of colours and there are also diverse designs, making the stacking chair modern furniture that will give more charm to every room. The right chair model can be found for every event. Even for banquets, high-quality banquet chairs can highlight the uniqueness of the event. Whether in the beer tent, the banqueting hall, or the adjoining room of a small pub, with the use of stacking chairs you can always quickly succeed in turning the design of a room around. And for long, concentrated sitting at a conference, cantilever chairs can bestow the best sitting comfort. In the doctor’s waiting room, in the party tent or in the restaurant, the right stacking chair can be found for every area and there are even reasonably-priced chairs that can still convince you with the best quality. And if the chairs are no longer needed, they can be stacked to save space and can be stored in a small storeroom, a corner of the hall or in the cellar.

Stacking chairs in detail

Berlin Deluxe stacking chair in red, green, black or blue

If you’re looking for comfortable banquet chairs, you’ll make the right choice with this model. The chair stands on four stable legs and with its very well upholstered seating surface, can contribute to the user enjoying a pleasant sitting experience, even over many hours. The users’ safety is assured thanks to practical additional struts and the solid supporting structure. For the cover fabric, you can choose the standard quality, but also the fire-resistant B1 quality for an additional charge. A chic designer chair available to purchase in 4 colours and able to withstand a weight of 150kg, a solid chair for many purposes. A deluxe chair for the best seating quality, which can also be safely used by larger people.

Berlin Catering stacking chair in black, blue, green or red

A solid designer chair, this model can be bought in four chic colours. The customer can choose between the standard fabric for the cushioning and the fire-resistant B1 fabric. The chair can withstand a weight of up to 130kg. This is a secure model which is strengthened by additional struts. In addition, robust steel is used and the secure supporting structure allows for a safe sitting enjoyment. A chic stacking chair which invites you to spend some time, even while eating and chatting, with the most convincing seating quality.

The ISO Conference chair in blue or black

A high-quality chair model which stands out immediately due to its very comfortable cushioning. The seating surface has the dimensions 47 x 42.5cm and is comfortable, but the backrest with the dimensions 48 x 34cm also offers good seating quality. The customer can look forward to two qualities of upholstery such as standard or B1 fire-resistant (B1 in accordance with DIN 4102 fire-resistance). For the frame, you can choose colours such as chrome or black. For the fabric you can choose between blue or black. A useful classic among modern stacking chairs, the customer can buy the variants ISO Brilliant or ISO Deluxe.

The Multi Kulti canteen chair/school chair in black

Comfortable chairs are always in demand for schools and canteens because here, you have to spend many hours on one chair, meaning it must be absolutely solid, yet very comfortable. This model in particular can be stacked to save a lot of space, as a maximum of 20 chairs may be stacked on top of one another. A solid chair for use in very many areas is valued as a comfortable seating opportunity. Robust and chic, sitting in school won't prevent enjoyment in learning and you can end the school day without back pain.

The stacking chairs air conditioning system

No mater which model of the Berlin stacking chair you decide upon, with this manufacturer you are lucky to be able to use a patented chair. With the unique air conditioning system it is possible for every user and visitor to enjoy the same convincing seating comfort. This is due to the fact that the fabric is breathable and stays in the best condition so that a comfortable seating surface for every customer can be used.

Our stacking chairs – quality in spite of discount prices

Modern stacking chairs can be bought today from quantities of 10 items, and whoever wants to receive visitors who expect comfortable seating opportunities can acquire these for a very reasonable price. But even if the chair model is reasonably-priced, the quality of materials and the design is always convincing. Here, we have chairs which can offer the best seating quality to every visitor through a long operating life. To achieve this, the manufacturer has used the unique and patented air conditioning system, so that each visitor and user of the stacking chair will find sitting so pleasant, almost as if he was the first one to sit on the excellent cushioning. These chairs also have the advantage of excellent materials such as steel, which makes the chair more secure thanks to the struts and secure supporting structure of even the cheaper chairs after a long lifetime. Fitted with four solid chair legs and upholstery fabric, which can be bought with the fire-resistant quality standard B1. Safe and comfortable sitting is the first issue, even for cheaper chairs, as even with daily use in the food industry and other areas, the visitor and guest should feel good and be able to sit comfortably, even for hours.

Stacking chairs are space-savers among chairs. Whenever a surface is blocked with too many chairs which are not in regular use, these are a welcome solution. There are a lot of intended uses of stacking chairs, whether in your own garden, in the food industry, in conference rooms in offices or at a big event. For big events, the number of chairs can always be changed to fit, so that the organiser is flexible without having chairs left over which take away too much room. At celebrations, they can be taken away after the meal or after the formal part of the celebrations to give way to a dance floor. Used outdoors, they don't take up much space in dry areas in the case of bad weather or in the colder seasons. The stacking height of the stacking chair depends on the model.

Depending on the manufacturer, the chair stack can span from relatively small to very high, although the number is smaller for models that stack diagonally to the front or back and higher for models which can be stacked directly upwards. A big advantage is not just the efficient use of space, but also the simple transportation of stacking chairs. They are characterised by their often light weight, which makes it possible to move or position bigger stacks easily. You also don't have to carry each chair individually and set them up, which can save important setting-up time for a large quantity of required chairs. In addition, there are stacking chairs in the most varied of materials.

All available models have a steel frame, which makes them very robust, long-lasting and reliable for frequent use. Regardless of which model you choose, it can withstand up to 150kg or even 200kg with the usual seat surface of approx. 40 x 40cm. Whether in a chic leather look for the conference room or with an easy to care for upholstered cover for the food industry, you can find the right model for every occasion.